The Essay

Here‘s the final version of the essay!


Reflecting on the reflection (My Week on Online Media)

In order to make my essay stronger I’m going to draw on some readings.

As I said in the previous blog post it has been hard for me to find an angle for this essay. However, after some brainstorming I found an angle that could work. One thing I must be wary of is not turning this essay about online media into a sociology paper. My essay will explore why people share content and why people consume it. I will relate it back to my experience on online media and use references to explore the history of the web, which will give backstory to my arguments.


Last post of the series (Day VII)

This is the final blog post in this series and I’m glad. I must say that recording everything I do on the internet on a day to day basis is not the most riveting task. I realise now that I tend to do the same things on the internet over and over again. This task has also confirmed that I’m not a ‘content creator’. I don’t contribute much to the online space but rather use it to benefit my life.

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Working on the internet (Day VI)

More of the same. I really have a routine when it comes to using the internet in the morning.

Again I was studying for most of the morning. I went early to university today for a group meeting. We have a group assignments which requires us to write up a report. We each have our part which we publish on a google doc so that we can see what other group members are doing.

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Just Another Day in the Life (Day V)

Listening to Soundcloud, streaming TV shows — just a regular day in my life.

I was studying for a good part of the day today. I worked on WordPress this morning, writing blogposts and updating my site.

I also spent some time on Blackboard trying to organise myself for the week. I checked the blog for this subject and looked at the Google Doc brief for week five and six.

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